How To RSVP with

Step 1: Enter Your Invitation Code

Sample RSVP QR Code

Method 1: Using a smartphone barcode reader app

Scan the QR code using a built-in or third-party barcode reader app and continue with Step 2.

Third-party barcode scanner apps can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For Android phones, we recommend Barcode Scanner by the ZXing Team.

Method 2: Scan a photo of the QR code

Visit Select "Scan a photo of the barcode" and follow the instructions. RSVP form

Help! My QR code does not scan

Fear not, you can still enter the code manually. See "I have an electronic invitation with code and PIN, or the QR code does not work" below.

If your electronic invitation has an link to RSVP, click on it.

Otherwise, visit and click on "Enter your invitation code manually". RSVP form Enter the 16-digit code and tap "Next".

Step 2: Enter Your PIN

RSVP PIN form Enter the 4-digit PIN on your invitation and tap "Next".

Step 3: Indicate Your Attendance

RSVP attendance form Tick the boxes for guests who will be attending (you can also tap "All Attending" or "All Declined"), and enter any dietary requirements they may have.

(OPTIONAL) Enter any comments or special requests that your host will see on your reply.

Tap "Done" to submit your reply to your host.

Late replies

Late replies will not be allowed and a warning similar to this will be displayed: RSVP past warning

Contact your host directly.

Changing your reply

Your reply can be changed up to the RSVP date by repeating this RSVP process from Step 1.

As a courtesy to your host, you should contact them if you do change your reply.