RSVP Labels

RSVP labels have been designed to be printed on A4 label sheets and attached to physical invitations or RSVP cards.

These labels contain a QR code, Invitation Code, PIN and RSVP instructions to enable your guests to RSVP online.

QR Codes are simply 2-dimensional barcodes. These QR codes contain a link to the website which can be visited when the code is scanned using a smart phone.

At the time of writing, QR code scanning is starting to be built into the latest smart phones. Older phones may require a third-party barcode scanning app to scan the QR code. also provides alternatives to installing a phone app. By visiting the website, a photo of the QR code can be uploaded for scanning by the server, or the invitation code can be entered manually.

You will need to purchase A4 label sheets from your local stationery store, such as Officeworks. Labels are designed to be printed on Avery brand label sheets but may work on other brands with a similar label size and layout.

  • Open the "Labels" tab on your event.

    Event Labels

  • Under RSVP Labels, select the Label format you wish to print.

    We recommend using the largest format available as this allows the QR code to be more easily scanned and also makes the instruction text more legible.

    Sample formats are provided which can be printed on plain A4 paper to test label alignment and sizing.

  • If you are printing on a partially used label sheet, enter the Number of labels to skip on the sheet.
  • Tap to download a printable PDF.

    IMPORTANT! When printing the PDF file, make sure Page Size & Handling is set to Actual Size.

    TIP: Print the labels onto plain A4 paper, align one of the pages with blank label sheet and hold them up against a light to check if the printed labels line up with your label sheet.

    NOTE:RSVP Labels will not be printed for invitations which have the Labels printed checkbox ticked.

  • The information on the labels can be exported as a CSV (comma-separated values) file which you can send to your printing company.

    Tap on the button to download the RSVP label data for your event.

    The file has the following columns:

    • Name - the name of the invitation
    • Code - the 16-digit invitation code
    • PIN - the 4-digit PIN
    • RsvpUrl - the website guests must visit to RSVP manually
    • BarcodeRsvpUrl - the web address encoded into the QR code or barcode

    Your printing company will need to include a barcode or QR code onto your custom stationery that encodes the BarcodeRsvpUrl column.

    Code and PIN columns should also be included to allow guests to RSVP via the website.

  • Once your RSVP labels have been printed, remember to update your invitations to have the Labels printed checkbox marked.

    Marked invitations will not have RSVP labels printed. This allows late invitations to have labels printed without reprinting all the previously printed labels.

  • Open the "Invitations" tab on your event.

  • Tap on "All Invitations" and select Labels printed.