Offline RSVPs

For the guests who prefer to RSVP in person, over the phone, by SMS or online chat, you will need to record their response in

  • Log in and open your event, then locate and open the invitation from the Invitations tab.

    Invitation screen

  • On the Guests panel, record the attendance of each guest by checking or unchecking the corresponding Attending checkbox.

    Guest panel

    HINT: Tap on All Attending if all guests will be attending.

    TIP: Make sure you name and check the attendance of each guest with the contact person on the invitation.

    Guests can be added, removed or updated at any time.

  • If a guest is attending, record any special dietary requirements in the Dietary requirements field for the guest.
  • Tag any guests who have special requirements, for example a guest who requires wheelchair access can be tagged with a tag called "wheelchair". See Tagging Guests for details on how to tag guests.
  • Record any other notes on the Notes panel on the invitation.
  • On the Guests panel, tick the Replied checkbox.
  • Tap on Save button to save your updates.