Guest Lists

The list of guests for an event can be downloaded as a CSV (comma-separated values) file for import into another system or as a PDF document for printing.

Printed guest and invitation lists can be used by ushers and venue staff to register guests at your event, and to identify any special needs a guest might have. Guest lists contain only guests who have confirmed their attendance at your event, whereas Invitation lists contain a list of all guests on all invitations for the event.

CSV invitation lists can be filtered using a spreadsheet application and imported into other systems or sent to caterers, vendors and suppliers for your event. The following columns are included in the file:

  • Invitation - name of the invitation
  • Phone - invitation contact phone number
  • Mobile - invitation contact mobile phone number
  • Email - invitation contact email address
  • ReplyDate - the date your guest replied to the invitation
  • ReplyComment - any comments left by your guest when replying
  • GuestName - the name of the guest on the invitation
  • Attending - "Y" if the guest is attending
  • Tags - a list of tags separated by commas
  • DietaryRequirements - dietary requirements for the guest
  • Notes - notes on the invitation
  • Log in and open your event, and go to the Invitations tab.

    Invitation list

  • Tap the Download actions button and make your selection

    Download actions
    • Invitation list CSV - download the invitation list as a CSV file
    • Invitation list PDF - download the invitation list as a PDF report
    • Guest list PDF - download the guest list as a PDF report