Getting Started

Welcome to!

Follow these quick and easy steps to get started with managing your event invitations and RSVPs.

  • Tap on the Profile button button and complete your profile.

    Your personal details are used within the app to send you notifications and populate contact details so your guests can recognise and contact you.

    We may also use your contact details to get in touch with you about your account should the need arise.

  • Tap on the Manage Events button button to return to your events list.
  • From your events list, tap the Add Event button button to add a new event.

    New Event page

    • Enter a Name for your event, Date and time of the event, RSVP deadline, and optionally enter the Location of your event.
    • Under Host Details enter Your Name, Email address and/or Mobile phone number. If you completed your profile, these will be pre-filled for you.

      If the you enter your email address here, you will be notified by email whenever a guest RSVP's online.

  • Tap Save button to create and save your new event.
  • Go to the "Invitations" tab on your new event.

    Empty Invitations list

  • Tap the Add Invitation button button to add a new invitation to your event.

    New Invitation form

    • Give the invitation a Name, for example "Jim & Family" or "Bonnie & Clyde".
      TIP: If you have used before, a list of suggestions will be displayed matching the partial name you have entered.
    • Enter the contact details of the primary contact person for the invitation. Email address and Mobile phone number are used to send electronic invitations, reminders and other communications.
    • Postal address is used for generating address labels if you wish to post hard-copy invitations.

    The Invitation Code and associated PIN are generated once the invitation has been saved. You may change the PIN code if it gets lost.

  • Add guests to your invitation

    Enter the name of each guest on the new invitation in the New Guest field.

    New Guest field

    You can tag your guests to indicate special requirements or to allocate them to a group. See Tagging Guests to learn more.

  • Tap Save button to save the invitation, or Save and New button to save the invitation and edit a new one.
  • Invitation List Explained

    Invitation List explained
  • Go to the "Plan & Credits" tab on your event.

    Plan & Credits tab

  • For a limited time only, each new event includes 10 free invitations and 200 free email credits.

    If you are certain you need to manage more invitations, select the number of additional invitations to add to your plan.

    TIP: You can always add more invitations to your plan at a later stage.

  • Optionally, under "Add Communication Credits", select the number of email and SMS credits to add to your purchase.

    Communications Credits allow you to send out notifications to your guests through Credits can be purchased at any time.

  • Complete the payment details, including your credit card details.

    An email with your receipt/tax invoice will be sent to you if you enter your email address in the payment panel.

  • Tap the green "Pay" button to complete the purchase.

    We use the Stripe payment gateway to process credit card transactions safely and securely.

  • Go to the "Mission Control" tab on your event.

    Mission Control tab

  • Launching your event locks in the date of the event and makes it available for guests to RSVP online.

    If you are ready to launch your event, tap the green button.

    A few things to note:
    • Once launched, an event may be rescheduled up to 3 times at no additional cost.
    • Invitations may still be edited after the event has been launched. An Event Plan Expansion may need to be purchased if the number of invitations on the event is already at the limit of the Event Plan.
  • Tag Guests

    Tags provide a convenient but powerful means of flagging and categorising your guests. For example, you could create a tag called "vegetarian" and attach the tag to guests who will require a vegetarian meal. Learn more.

  • Print RSVP QR Code (Barcode) Labels

    If you are sending out physical invitations and want your guests to be able to reply online, you will need to print RSVP QR Code labels and attach them to your invitations. Learn more.

  • Print Address Labels

    Print address labels if you are mailing invitations in the post. Learn more.

  • Send Guest Reminders and Notifications

    Notify your guests of changes to the event, or send out RSVP and event reminders. Learn more.

  • Handling Offline RSVPs

    Some guests will prefer to RSVP in person, over the phone, via SMS or online chat. You can update invitations for these guests to reflect their response. Learn more.

  • Print or Download the Guest List

    Guest lists can be downloaded as PDF documents or as a comma-separated values file which can be opened in most spreadsheet apps or programs. Learn more.