Personalising the RSVP Page

Add your own personal touch to the RSVP page for your event.

The following elements can be personalised for your event:

RSVP layout


This is the title text on the RSVP page that announces your event and defaults to the event name if this is left blank and the Banner Image is not specified.

If your banner image contains text, leave this and the intro blank to hide the Heading Overlay.


A short introductory piece of text that summarises your event.

Banner Image

The image that will appear in the banner section. If this image contains text, leave the headline and intro blank to hide the Heading Overlay.

TIP: Choose an image that will feature the theme of your event. Alternatively, use a graphics design program to create your own banner image with your own stylised text.

Background Image

Specify a background image if you don't want a white background.

TIP: Avoid images that have bright colours or high levels of detail as these can be distracting for your guests.

Free image resources

There are a number of free image resources available such as and Unsplash. Remember to always check the licensing on images you want to use before downloading them.

How to do this

  • Log in and open your event, and go to the RSVP Page panel on the Details tab.

    Edit Event page

  • RSVP Page panel

    • Optionally, enter a Headline and/or Intro text.
    • Optionally, select a Banner Image and/or a Background Image.
  • Tap Preview RSVP Page to view a preview of the RSVP page.
  • Remember to tap Save when done.

General Guidelines for Images

Reduce the size of your image where possible so that they upload faster.

  • Use image editing software to reduce the pixel size of the images down to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide. Large images are automatically resized down to a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels tall anyway.
  • Where JPEG images are used, reduce the quality of the image to 85% to reduce the size of the file.